Data Engineer

At Heaviside we partner with organizations to design data-augmented strategies, engineer pragmatic technologies and delivering impactful use-cases that enlighten real-world problem.

We step-function business by inventing their future way of working. We do this by designing data-augmented strategies, engineering pragmatic technologies and delivering impactful use-cases that enlighten real-world problems.

All roles at Heaviside involve business and technical development pathways which aim at facilitating your career growth. We aspire to build an employee experience where you will grow more with us, not be drowned out by the loudest voice, and hence we strive to set you up for a career which will have a greater impact.

As a Data Engineer at Heaviside, you will be joining a small team responsible for the data systems that power everything we do for our clients. It can cover both strategy and business planning as well as cutting-edge behavioral research and organizational analytics.

You will be responsible for the end-to-end implementation of the data stack from collection to reporting, with a focus on infrastructure and technical processes.

You will be working with Data Consultants and support them in tackling their clients' data challenges. You will contribute to the definition of data strategies, the implemention of data systems, and you will support the leverage of data into transformational projects.

In general, you will be responsible for understanding problems intimately, crafting a technical strategy to address them, and facilitating high-quality technical execution.


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At Heaviside, we are committed to living out our mission every day and that starts by providing benefits that allow our employees:

Inclusion & Diversity

The diversity of our people is core to our ability to innovate, grow and to fulfill our collective aspiration of helping people to own their tomorrow. A natural curiosity, a respect for differences and a growth mindset are valued at Heaviside.